Friday, May 2, 2014

Real-Time Big Data Architecture Patterns

Bigdata Architecture Pattern1 – Cache to Shelter, answer to high writes.

  1. App server writes to  Shared in-memory cluster with a TTL and to queue dispatcher.
  2. Queue Dispatcher asynchronously writes to persistent bigdata database (With out TTL)
  3. Reads are first look in memory cache database. If it is missed, then look in persistent bigdata database.
Cache to Shelter Architecture

Bigdata Architecture Pattern2 – Distributed Merge & Update

  1. Read-Modify-Write step in a single RPC
  2. Saves data flow over network.


Bigdata Architecture Pattern3 – Distributed Merge & Update

  1. Good for write once read many workload.
  2. Embedded database (with TTL) for local in process cache.
  3. Embedded database used as cache and designed to use Memory and SSD deficiently.
  4. Bigdata Database works for distributed writes, sharding and failover.


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