Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chief Digital Officer - Yet another CxO or Democratization of digital Assets?

Apparently, this is the hottest, newest title doing the rounds what with all the digitization of ads, operations, sensors, BYOD, and what not! We are in the midst of the digital revolution and it is Big data. And according to Dave Aron of Gartner who conceptualized this role, he paints the company as comprising of a back office for internal ops, front office for customer facing activities and experience, head office for strategic decisions around what business the company is in. Dave goes on to say, while there is digitazation at all these levels, while the CIO is traditionally about "automating and informating the processes" at the back office.

On cue the CDO is expected to bridge this gap and cover the remaining offices to ensure "information and technology to drive value into and from the customer experience" and underlying all this digital is being taken out of its traditional place - consumer side stuff moves away from marketing, ops side stuff remains with CIO or the CIO takes it out with him in his/her path to CDO, sitting right next to the CEO. Whatever the role, however it transforms, the fact is digital data is big and it needs to be availabe wherever, whenever, and however while keeping costs down using Cloud or internal infrastructure to collate, manage and deliver all the data digitally. What are your views? Is this another annoying addition to the CxO basket of titles? Or is it democratization of digital assets internally. In a WSJ blog, Irving Wladawsky-Berger picked up the recent interest in Chief Digital Officer and lends his view that it is a classic debate of operations Vs strategic that plagues today's CIOs. It appears for now that CDO spans both and hence his/her value to the CEO, right next in line!

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