Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rise of the Algorithms

In a recent column "The New Algorithm of Web Marketing" in New York Times, Tanzina Vega reported how big brands such as Nike, P&G are increasingly relying on "programmatic buying" to deliver ads to individual consumers in a highly targeted manner, such that they are leaving the traditional cousins Print, TV, etc. way behind in the dust for the same promise. Till recently, it seemed algorithmic applied only to equity trading, but now ad buying has reached this. Publishers of online networks such as AOL and Weather.com apparently view themselves as "Marketing Engines" instead of Publishers, and are relying on automated ad purchasing technologies. Where traditional media only provided context, the new digital properties now add fine tuned placement to it. Just as brokerages earn in fractional value, but when volume is added to the equation, the results to top line of publishers promise to be handsome, naturally.

The question I have is - granted context of a buyer and great placement are done in a timely manner to increase multi-fold the chances of viewer clicking the ad. But what next? Its an area Bizosys is interested in as to how dynamic or optimized is the post click experience. Seems ripe for innovation. Tell us!

Chief Digital Officer - Yet another CxO or Democratization of digital Assets?

Apparently, this is the hottest, newest title doing the rounds what with all the digitization of ads, operations, sensors, BYOD, and what not! We are in the midst of the digital revolution and it is Big data. And according to Dave Aron of Gartner who conceptualized this role, he paints the company as comprising of a back office for internal ops, front office for customer facing activities and experience, head office for strategic decisions around what business the company is in. Dave goes on to say, while there is digitazation at all these levels, while the CIO is traditionally about "automating and informating the processes" at the back office.

On cue the CDO is expected to bridge this gap and cover the remaining offices to ensure "information and technology to drive value into and from the customer experience" and underlying all this digital is being taken out of its traditional place - consumer side stuff moves away from marketing, ops side stuff remains with CIO or the CIO takes it out with him in his/her path to CDO, sitting right next to the CEO. Whatever the role, however it transforms, the fact is digital data is big and it needs to be availabe wherever, whenever, and however while keeping costs down using Cloud or internal infrastructure to collate, manage and deliver all the data digitally. What are your views? Is this another annoying addition to the CxO basket of titles? Or is it democratization of digital assets internally. In a WSJ blog, Irving Wladawsky-Berger picked up the recent interest in Chief Digital Officer and lends his view that it is a classic debate of operations Vs strategic that plagues today's CIOs. It appears for now that CDO spans both and hence his/her value to the CEO, right next in line!

Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aliconstantine/4498871408/in/photostream/

Hyperconnectedness and Cloud, Mobility, Bigdata

Thomas Friedman, author of "The World is Flat" that reflects on globalization and interconnectedness, now says the same thing except it has become hyperconnectedness. In his typical eloquence he remarked at a Univ of Tennessee Hunter lecture Series  that he delivered, "If all you ever do is all you’ve ever done, you will no longer get all you ever got. You will get less.” The rationale underlying this observation is about how it is not ok to be average, especially due to globalization and hyperconnectedness. In fact, he makes other erudite observations that 'the great American dream' is no longer a domestic issue but one of foreign policy. Hyperconnectedness is as much about globalization and IT commoditization, where data and people move effortlessly in the virutal space, and in large volumes.

At Bizosys, we have tried to remain focussed on three emerging technologies - Cloud, Mobility, Bigdata. We always saw these as representing three trends that are obviously driven by the globalization and hyperconnectedness; and respectively they are Commoditization, Consumerization, Content explosion. It is easy to relate Cloud and Big data, especially where you have those terabytes or petabytes of data that you need to crunch quickly. Not stopping there, you want to get that big data insight, a nugget of information with immense business value but highly perishable, off to a connected Tablet or Smartphone device to be actionable, before it gets stale. And there comes the third piece Mobility, or designing an app in a Mobile First manner. Cloud, Mobility and Big data are not just related, but hyperconnected! And this is where Thomas Friedman exhortation to rise above average does not just apply to people but to all that data out there. So the message also goes to the CIO that "if all you ever do with your data is all you've ever done, you will no longer get all you ever got as insights. You will get less actionable information." And now, rising to this challenge, according to Gartner's Dave Aron, by 2015 25% of organizations will have a CDO or Chief Digital Officer. But then that I will talk in a next post.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Top Indian IT body NASSCOM awards Bizosys

Last month, at Interop2012 held in Mumbai, India's leading IT body NASSCOM awarded Bizosys and 9 other IT companies the Top 10 "Made in India" Enterprise Software Product Companies recognition.
Bizosys was chosen for its HSearch real time big data enterprise grade search engine for Hadoop that is available as open source on github.

In continuation, Bizosys will be also participating in NASSCOM's flagship event the NASSCOM Product Conclave in Bengaluru, India on Nov 7th and 8th.

Sunil Guttula, CEO and Co-Founder at Bizosys will participate in a panel discussion on the topic "Big Data - why enterprises are struggling and how startups can step in." Bizosys will also be presenting its story on moving from lab to the street that shares its GTM approach, challenges it faces, etc in a session titled "Enterprise Software Startup Highlight" where eminent IT and VC representatives will hear and provide feedback.