Monday, November 28, 2011

Mapping an app on Google AppEngine (GAE) to a custom domain

After fiddling for an hour or so trying to figure out this seemingly simple stuff, I finally got to map both root and sub-domains from GoDaddy to my app on Google App Engine. So here goes.

1. Register the domain on Google Apps (this is required as App Engine uses Google Apps to handle redirection)

2. Add Google Apps site admin mail id as an admin for the app on GAE.When you do this an email is sent to the site admin mail id.
3. Add Domain in Application Settings / Domain Setup. It is important to specify the domain as without the www. Otherwise it will error out.
4. To link Godaddy domain server to Google Apps, the A record has to be setup on GoDaddy, these instructions are available on Domain Setting Page in Google Apps.
5. Map naked url of to www using Google info on the domain page.
6. Add www or any sub-domain mapping to GAE app inside Google Apps. This will also require www CNAME record to point to
7. Wait for the domain settings to trickle down and it should work.

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